X-File A Day – “Fire”

X-Files Opening LogoMark Sheppard has some serious acting chops!  Normally don’t spotlight a particular actor, but his performance is here is pretty exceptional.  I originally saw this episode quite a few years ago, so I forgot about him till the reboot of “Battlestar: Galactica.”

When I next saw him, he was playing a very ambitious demon in “Supernatural.”

So seeing him again in “Fire” is like coming full circle.  He plays Cecil D’ Lively, a pyrokinetic who has been killing people in Europe.  He latest target is on the way to the United States, so he makes his way to our shores.

Coincidentally, Pheobe Green (Amanda Pays) an old flame of Mulder’s, works for Scotland Yard and happens to be handling the case.

She enlists Mulder and Scully’s aid (actually Mulder.  Scully is pretty much there for the ride).  It’s a good episode of the series, and reveals that Mulder actually has had a life beyond the X-Files, and also subtly hints at Scully’s feelings for him.

Though, when all is said and done, it’s Sheppard’s show, and the episode works best when he’s about.

By the way, there’s a scene with D’ Lively is painting a room in the home of his potential victims with Arogtypoline –is not a real chemical  – though what I was wondering about what the scent (I know, of a nonexistent chemical).

This stuff is supposed to be rocket fuel, yet you could paint with it, and the fumes wouldn’t kill you?  Gasoline isn’t as potent as this stuff is supposed to be, yet that gives off some seriously harsh fumes.


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