Evidence Of Ancient Astronauts Found?

Growing up I watched any program even remotely associated with Erich von Däniken with increased interest.  Von Däniken is the writer of “Chariots of the Gods” and other books that claimed to reveal evidence that aliens played a hand in the development of humanity at various times in our history.

The greatest problem I found with his thesis was that, despite that I wanted to believe, was that there was never anything in the way of definitive evidence for any of the claims that were made in his name.

But now, there’s undeniable proof.

This image, from the BBC, shows not only proof of alien visitation, but Alien visitation!

zenomorph 3

The truth – as is generally the case – is a bit more mundane.  Paisley Abbey, a Scottish church built in the 13th century, had its gargoyles refurbished in the 1990’s, due to their deteriorating condition.  One of the stonemasons who worked on the project was clearly a such a fan of the Alien films that he immortalized the creature as a gargoyle on the Abbey’s wall.

zenomorph 2

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