‘The Gallery of Horrors Bundle’ StoryBundle

Ripping a still-beating heart from the chest cavity that shelters it, as the blood washes all over you in a warm, red fountain.  It runs in rivulets, like miniature water falls, down your face; some even winds its way toward your open mouth. The penny-copper tastes coats your tongue before making its way down your throat.  At first […]

The Return Of John Carpenter

Though truth be told he was never really gone. John Carpenter, director of influential genre classics like Halloween, Escape From New York, In The Mouth Of Madness, They Live, StarMan, Big Trouble In Little China (perhaps his most underappreicated movie), among many others has been absent from theaters since 2010’s The Ward (an interesting movie despite thematic […]

‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ Trailer

My question is:  What took them so long to acknowledge how awesome “Calvin and Hobbes” are?  I have been reading their adventures for years, and it was brilliant then, so why would time make any difference? I have always admired comics that were layered, and talked to the audience wherever they happened to be, as […]

A Movie Full Of Spiders?

I should mention right off the bat that I haven’t heard any buzz around Don Coscarelli considering a film of “The Book Is Full Of Spiders,” the sequel to “John Dies At The End,” though I hope that he’s at least considering it. Though for better or for worse, it all comes down to money. […]

My Copy Of ‘Sullivan’s Sluggers’ Has Arrived!

My copy of Mark Andrew Smith’s “Sullivan’s Sluggers” arrived today, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s hard-bound, and included a poster, along with a protective slipcover and my picture does not do it justice. It also feels well put together, and substantial. If you haven’t taken a look at Kickstarter, either in a long time, or ever, […]

A House In Need of Serious Renovation

Don’t you hate it when television shows talk down to you?  I can’t stand it it when people do, never mind TV. I ask because a few weeks ago iTunes had the entire first season of “House of Anubis” available as a free download.  That might still be the case, but just the thought is […]