Introducing The StoryBundle Indie Fantasy Bundle

Indie StoryBundleI dig movies, which makes sense since I write a movie blog.  That being said, what am I going to do when Skynet rises, and the machines take over?  Or when the time comes when there’s no room in Hell, and the dead walk the earth?

Which is why I would like to reintroduce everyone to StoryBundle.  I first heard about them sometime in 2012, when they launched the Halloween Horror Bundle, with work by writers like Douglas Clegg and Kevin J. Anderson.

More recently, they launched an Indie Fantasy Bundle, which consists of eight titles by writers like Christopher Bunn and Blair MacGregor, neither of whom I have heard of before.

Which, believe it or not, is part of the attraction.  For instance, I am a huge fan of Stephen R. Donaldson (the writer of “The Chronicles of Thomas Convenant, The Unbeliever” as well as the incredible ‘Gap Saga’) but I would never discover any interesting writing if I didn’t seek out new writers.

Which is why the Indie Fantasy Bundle is so cool.  You get eight ebooks by writers that you probably have little information about, which means that you’re delving into worlds that share only a genre in common.

And like with the Halloween bundle, you pay what you can, though you get two more ebooks if you pay at least ten dollars.

So, if the robots decide to throw off the yolk of their human oppressors, or the zombies start to hunger for your brains, at least you’ll have something to read.

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