Sun Sets on Cavill’s Superman?

Apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill is out as Superman.

There are quite a few reasons stated (scheduling issues, problems negotiating a cameo in Warner Bros upcoming Shazam!, delays in ramping up a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel, etc) and while–if this is true because it bears repeating that this is not been confined by Cavill or his representation–for my money how egregiously bad Superman had been interpreted has more than a little to do with it.

And speaking of Man Of Steel, anyone with a modicum of vision could see that was where the problems began.

As a Superman movie it was a pretty good alien invasion movie, which is problematic because such a controversial approach to the character–by the way, if you’re generating controversy producing a Superman movie you’re already doing something wrong–alienated huge swaths of moviegoers, tainting everything that followed.

And I have said before that the current incarnation of the DCEU needs to go, but I had always hoped that Cavill hung around because you can see the optimism, the potential for hope embodied in his performance being subsumed by the ego of a director who clearly never truly understood the material he was working with.

Screenphiles Is Back Up And Running!

if you have spent anytime working with computers, you know that they can be a bit unpredictable (to put it very, very politely).

My iMac was working fine, till i got a bad block on my hard drive last Thursday, and went about fixing it Friday.  The good news was that there was only one.

The bad news is that that’s enough to upset any plans I had for the day.

So i began with a wipe of the hard drive, which causes the computer to reallocate the bad sector.  After that relatively quick process, then comes the real time-suck, which is reinstalling the operating system (in this instance Mac OS X 10.11.2, El Capitan Beta) which takes five or six hours.

So while the system software was reinstalling, i went out for run a because the process is one that going to take the time it’s going to take, and me sitting staring at the screen isn’t going to make that process more any quicker.

Then comes reinstalling the applications that i had prior to the crash (and tracking down the passwords that I had no reason to know so that I could re-activate the software.

The software reinstall finished Saturday, and i have been reinstalling everything else.

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