My Two Cents: Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson

The first movie I saw – or thought I saw – from Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson was Resolution (2012). I enjoyed it but thought of it as a one-off and thought no more of it, which is somewhat unusual for me because I’ve always had more of a fascination with the people behind the […]

The Endless – Review

Few things bother me more than the way the term ‘Lovecraftian’ is bandied about because more often than not I get the feeling that those that do so have never read anything by H.P. Lovecraft in their lives. And sure, most of the time the short stories and novels revolve around things that go bump […]

Resolution – Review

“Resolution Is The Best Mumblecore Horror Movie Ever Made” Resolution was the movie that introduced me to Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Spring), so to speak.  I’ve re-watched it recently, and have been looking for a way to describe it as briefly as possible. And I think I have it: Resolution is the best mumblecore horror movie ever […]

Spring – Review

“Be careful who you love, because Spring is coming and it’s a monster.” Some critics has described Spring as ‘Lovecraftian,’–which is what drew me to it in the first place–and while a very good movie, Lovecraftian it’s not.  For it to be so would imply that it was based on, or somehow similar or related to, the […]