REview: Star Trek: Discovery (2019) | Season Two

What I wrote in my review of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery was that I enjoyed it despite the fact that it was Star Trek in name only (for the most part) that doesn’t apply to the second season, which has almost righted the ship, so to speak. Part of the reason for […]

Marvel’s Inhumans is Officially Dead

Anson Mount is joining Star Trek: Discovery in Season two, so it’s safe to assume that Inhumans is kaput (though as far as I am aware there’s been no announcement from either ABC or Marvel Television). Though to be fair that’s hardly a mystery. ┬áThe ratings-challeged series has been plagued with problems since it’s inception […]

Clothes Make The Inhu(Man)

Over the weekend posted some images from Marvel Television’s upcoming The Inhumans and while I’m glad that their teleporting dog Lockjaw will be making an appearance the costumes might be just a little bit subdued. By which I mean, here’s a picture of Black Bolt, the head of the Inhuman Royal Family. He’s a […]