Hereditary – Official Trailer

I need to see this movie. I read a week or so ago that the trailer was shown in a theater in Australia and it freaked everyone out (though to be fair it was prior to a showing of Peter Rabbit, with an audience likely made up mainly of children and their parents). What I find […]

The Babadook – Review

“The terror of The Babadook starts innocently, with a children’s book, though it will grow to possess you.” Every since I saw 2009’s Triangle, I knew that Australia was and up-and-comer as far as interesting and innovative horror goes, though Jennifer Kent‘s The Babadook certifies their arrival. It’s a pretty impressive movie, because–unlike many of its brethren, domestic or otherwise–it […]

‘The Rover’ Trailer

What is it about Australia and the fall of civilization?  Is it because they have the Outback, a desert space that will in no uncertain terms kill you if you venture into it unprepared? Or is there something in the Australian character that makes Man, as well as everything that we have ever created, broken and hanging […]

‘Avengers’ Trailer Embargo

Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers” has already been released in London, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan before it was domestically, and according to Deadline it’s doing very, very well. In fact, it’s opening huge, with Australia doing particularly good business for Marvel Studios and Disney (which can use some positive news after the “John Carter” misfire […]

Thor: Ruler of the Foreign Box Office

According to Box Office Mojo, “Thor” has pulled in $93 million in foreign box office receipts (UK, France, Korea, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia). Total production costs are currently unavailable, but it’s probably in the +/- $150 million dollar range.