The Ridiculous 6 – Review

“Not Nearly As Bad As It Could’ve–Or Even Should’ve–Been.  Satire!” Harvey Keitel, Luke Wilson, Sam Buscemi, Nick Nolte, John Turturro…I don’t know how Adam Sandler did it, but his Netflix movie, The Ridiculous 6, has an insane amount of cameos by some really good actors (at this point I wouldn’t be shocked if Sam Jackson or […]

The Ridiculous 6 – Main Trailer

I actually don’t have anything against Adam Sandler, though what bothers me most about him is that his comedy feels particularly lazy.  I might catch his Netflix movie, The Ridiculous 6, for no other reason than the way the streaming network tends to work encourages curiosity about content that I would probably never watch otherwise. Then again, I’ve heard […]