Collateral Beauty – Trailer 2

Having just seen the trailer for Collateral Beauty, initially the first thing that came to mind was Meet Joe Black, where Brad Pitt was the personification of Death (though this time the honor goes to Helen Mirren).  That is, till I noticed that Will Smith seems to be playing some sort of savant (revealed in the meticulous […]

Why Superhero Fatigue Is Nonsense (With Zombies!)

“Superhero fatigue” seems all the rage among some, but it’s a dubious concept at best, and easily disproven.  Reason being, if superhero fatigue were a thing, it would have been proceeded by ‘zombie fatigue.’ Look at the 2013’s World War Z, the Brad Pitt-starrer that was for awhile looking like the Fantastic Four of its time. […]

The Last Witch Hunter – Teaser Trailer

This is a gorgeous trailer, which visually at times reminded me of Darren Aronofsky (high praise indeed) though I feel reasonably safe in saying that it will play like nothing like Requiem For A Dream, Pi, The Fountain or Noah (in the latter case not a bad thing, considering that it’s quite the slog.  I think it has something […]

‘Fury’ Trailer

What is it that calls actors to war (in movies that is, because I am reasonably sure few in the cast of David Ayer‘s Fury served in any conflict)?  John Wayne, who’s name was actually Marion, starred in quite a few war films, during World War II no less. He didn’t serve in the military, though […]

‘World War Z’ Review

“Despite my initial reticence, when you take “World War Z” on its own terms, and accept that its not going to follow the novel, you’ll have a good time.” I must admit that going into Marc Forster’s “World War Z,” my expectations were somewhat low.  I mean, how can you have a half-decent zombie film when virtually all your […]

Ralph Bakshi Comes To Kickstarter!

I have been a fan of Kickstarter for quite awhile now, and try to cover them whenever there is a project that catches my interest.  In the past I have written about other Kickstarters like “Sullivan’s Sluggers,” and the relaunch of a crowd-funded version of Top Cow’s “Cyber Force.” Well, here’s the next project that […]

Trailer Alert! World War Z!

I was actually going to post something else, till I heard that the trailer for Marc Forster’s “World War Z” was available (There are also quite a few fake trailers floating about.  Insist on the real thing).  I have never been much of a fan of Forster’s work; “Quantum Of Solace,” his entry in the James […]

Touch Of Evil

Sometimes, you find something on the web (that isn’t porn and has nothing to do with anyone involved with Jersey Shore the Kardashians) that demands to be seen.  “Touch of Evil” from the New York Times is an example of such an thing. It’s composed of thirteen short clips, with actors like Viola Davis, George Clooney, […]

‘Moneyball’ Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Bennett Miller’s “Moneyball,” starring Brad Pitt. This doesn’t look like anything that we haven’t seen before, but I have to admit that when these types of films–the “come from behind, winning against incredible odds-type of film–are done well, they’re a joy to behold. I saw the trailer to this film during […]