Trailer Into Reaction: Swamp Thing (2019) | Official Trailer

This is a pretty good trailer. It plays up the horror elements (in fact one scene in particular plays like a homage to John Carpenter’s The Fog) and feels very atmospheric. Tone is important, and it’s something that DC–in movies as well as streaming, if Titans is any indicator–for whatever reason can’t seem to get […]

The DCEU Finds Redemption

There a story on Superherohype where Ben Affleck says that the portrayal of Batman in Warner Bros/DC Films upcoming Justice League would be a more ‘traditional’ portrayal of the character. What!? The fact that Affleck has to tell viewers this is indicative of perhaps the greatest problem the DCEU has (yet) to overcome: namely a […]

Meet Baymax!

As you can tell from the screenshots of the Tweets that I have included below, I have been having a few conversations with Baymax, of Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6.  He’s very literal, as is the way with most machines–and reminds me quite a bit of Apple Inc’s Siri. Besides, how can you resist a mug like […]

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Teaser Trailer

The full trailer for Marvel Studios “Guardians Of the Galaxy” is supposed to premiere later today, though a teaser has just been released.  What’s interesting is that I don’t think that I have been so expectant to see a trailer, never mind the movie that will eventually accompany it.

‘Antboy’ Trailer

Imagine Spider-Man, mixed with the presentation skills of Batman, and you have Antboy (and let’s be honest, being bit by an ant and getting superpowers is just as plausible – and nonsensical – as a radioactive spider).  And as critical as I tend to be of how Spider-man managed to create such an awesome costume, […]

A Matter Of Continuity : ‘The Avengers’

I think Marvel Studios “The Avengers” is – so far – the best superhero film ever made.  It takes itself seriously enough that it doesn’t come off as silly, yet remembers that this stuff is based on comic books, which were originally geared toward children (though in places like Japan – and to an extent […]

‘The Wolverine’ Trailer

Feeling kinda ‘meh’ about “The Wolverine.”  The only thing that interests me is Silver Samurai – there are a few shots of him in the trailer – and all he is is a guy in silver samurai armor.  I guess what interests me is how faithful they are to the comic character.