Imperium – Trailer Park

You have to give Daniel Radcliffe credit, the guy isn’t exactly playing it safe.  From Swiss Army Man to Imperium, about a FBI agent infiltrating a no-Nazi group, it feels like he’s actually looking for challenging and off-beat roles. It’s a long way from Harry Potter, that much is obvious.

Tea Leaves, Entrails and Frankenstein

I find Hollywood a fascinating place, though perhaps that’s because my view is a distant one. Never mind the scandals, or whom is sleeping with whom–though that’s interesting too, though only in a cursory manner.  What I find infinitely more fascinating is how is it that decisions are made. And while I doubt that it has […]

‘Horns’ Teaser Trailer

I don’t get this movie.  There’s a small town, heinous crimes involving young women and someone played by Daniel Radcliffe growing horns.  Horns was written by Joe Hill, who happens to be the son of Stephen King.  He’s probably not as prolific as his dad (which means that he’ll produce a full-length novel only every other week). What’s in the […]