World War Z Sequel Beheaded!?

According to The Hollywood Reporter Paramount has stopped development on a sequel to 1993’s zombie thriller World War Z. The movie has been in various states of development for years, with the most recent version being shepherded by David Fincher (The Game, Fight Club) Apparently the issue is related to budget–ironically enough, the same problem […]

Steve Jobs – Teaser Trailer

When the news came out that David Fincher was no longer directing the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and that Danny Boyle was, people on various forums were complaining about what a terrible choice that was (especially compared to Fincher). I wasn’t amongst them because I have always thought that Boyle was a very talented director.  Everything […]

This Movie Is “Antisocial,” Though Don’t Watch It Alone

The Social Redroom is a fictitious social networking site that’s similar to others that you may already be familiar to, like Facebook.  And like Facebook, The Social Redroom (which coincidentally(?) reminds me of ‘redrum;’ ‘murder’ spelled backwards) also does experiments on its users without their knowledege, all in an effort to find what it is that makes […]

Netflix Speeds Away From ‘Terra Nova’

Netflix has done plenty of stupid things, but their latest decision isn’t among them.   They have decided, in a burst of sanity, to not take on “Terra Nova” after it had been cancelled by Fox. Netflix doesn’t have the deep pockets of a Twentieth Century Fox–and “House of Cards, and the participation of David […]