Movie Mistakes: ‘Iron Man 3’

Generally I don’t particularly care about these sorts of things, but having seen “Iron Man 3” perhaps more times than should be legal, I noticed this little error. Truth be told, it’s less of an error than the filmmakers apparently showing us what they can get away with when viewers are in awe over one of […]

‘Iron Man 3’ Character Posters

This isn’t new–it’s been available on the Interwebs for about a week now–but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you. What you’re looking at is the latest cast member poster from “Iron Man 3,” and I have to admit that Ben Kingsley, as the Mandarin, looks all sorts of badass, which I hope […]

‘The Guard’ Trailer

I recently saw the trailer for “The Guard” via Apple, and it looks like fun.  I tend to be drawn to movies that involve culture-clashes (as long as everyone is treated in a dignified fashion) and this one looks like a doozy. One can imagine that Don Cheadle’s FBI character will find himself repelled by […]