REview: Star Trek: Discovery (2019) | Season Two

What I wrote in my review of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery was that I enjoyed it despite the fact that it was Star Trek in name only (for the most part) that doesn’t apply to the second season, which has almost righted the ship, so to speak. Part of the reason for […]

Love In The Time Of Monsters – Review

“So this is where the American Dream died.”   —Marla Matt Jackson’s Love in the Time of Monsters–a play on Gabriel Garcia’s Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera?–is interesting for a lot of reasons, the first being that it’s so thematically similar to Zombeavers that it almost plays like a sequel. Luckily, Love in […]

‘John Dies At The End’ Review

“Here’s to all the kisses I snatched, and vice versa.” —Fred Chu Think about it for a moment, you’ll get it. One of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two projects is a feature film version of Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. I still think that Ioan Gruffudd should play Strange, though who should direct?  On […]