Link To ‘RoboCop’ Trailer

I would post the latest trailer for José Padilha’s “RoboCop,” reboot, but it’s in Yahooese, which means that WordPress doesn’t play well with it.  I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available via Youtube. The trailer itself is OK, and looks different enough from the original that at least it appears that they’re only […]

‘The Collection’ Review

“The Collection” isn’t the worse film that you’ll ever see, though it’s probably one of the most pointless.” (I was made aware that my original review contained some inaccuracies – like the title of the film, for instance – so I have made corrections.  Thanks, Jamie.  The film is called “The Collection,” not “The Collector,” which is its […]

’47 Ronin’ Trailer

Can Keanu Reeves star in a movie where he doesn’t happen to be “The One?”  I mean, it was interesting in Andy Wachowski and Lena Wachowski’s ‘Matrix’ films, but it’s beginning to feel a bit long in the tooth. Also, watching the trailer for Carl Rinsch’s troubled “47 Ronin” part of me wonders why the […]

‘The Apparition’ Review

“”The Apparition” Is Too Good To Have Been Treated So Shabbily By Its Producers” First off, ignore the trailer posted below.  It’s seemingly for Todd Lincoln‘s “The Apparition,” currently spooling on iTunes.  The footage is accurate, though the voiceovers misrepresent the movie (most of which aren’t actually in the film), as does the tagline for […]

‘White House Down’ Trailer

Just when you thought that we survived “Olympus Has Fallen,” here comes the more obviously titled “White House Down.”  This time instead of Gerard Butler, all we have is Channing Tatum standing between us and those that would destroy our way of life. God help the terrorists, especially considering that this is from Roland Emmerich, […]

The Walking Stupid

Like most people, it disturbs me to read about some of the terrible things that we do to each other, though what grows old fast is the way that we always seem to find something to blame our problems on–as opposed to ourselves, that is.  For instance, things like video games, movies, music and television […]

The Viral Campaign For ‘Pacific Rim’ Has Begun

Many movies, to compete in a very competitive market, market their films in ways that go beyond the traditional.  For instance, for 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” the makers of the film had a campaign that led the inquisitive to and as a reward let them see a light cycle before the general public. I don’t want […]