The Walking Stupid

Like most people, it disturbs me to read about some of the terrible things that we do to each other, though what grows old fast is the way that we always seem to find something to blame our problems on–as opposed to ourselves, that is.  For instance, things like video games, movies, music and television have all been linked to violence at one time or another.

I mean, there are some terrible television shows and films out there, but they don’t tend to compel me to go off and hurt someone or another (and I have seen “Alone In The Dark.”).

That being said, the recent case of Jared Gruman shooting his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, over an episode of ANC’s “The Walking Dead” is almost as stupid as another justification that the article sites, which was an argument over the possibility of a zombie attack.

I mean, I enjoy AMC’s “The Walking Dead” myself, but at no time shooting someone who didn’t was ever an option.  Gurman must have had a much more significant reason for shooting Jessica Gelderman than that (or at least I like to thing so).

The news story makes him seem particularly unstable.  Was that a new trend?  Has anyone asked?  Has he acted in a strangely unstable fashion before?

If you’re like me, this story is more interesting for what it doesn’t say, than what it does.

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