Is Valiant Still Aligned with Sony?

Valiant LogoWith the preeminence of Marvel Studios and to a lesser extent, DC Films, people can perhaps be forgiven for forgetting that Marvel and DC aren’t the only players in town.

There’s Dark Horse (Time Cop) who’s rebooting Hellboy but there’s also Valiant Comics, which have been seemingly preparing to make a movie to feature films for awhile.

Valiant were aligned with Sony, though that was under prior management; now they’re under control of DMG Entertainment and it’s CEO, Dan Mintz.

This is a particularly relevant question, especially considering that Sony seems to be emphasizing Spider-Man (and other Spiderverse characters like Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable) while they could perhaps be building a cinematic universe of their own, independent of Marvel Studios.



Scorsese Joker Project: Proof The DCEU Remains Broken

For those of us who thought that the greatest problem with the DCEU (the DC Extended Universe) was Zach Snyder’s stewardship, you were right (sort of).

Though to be fair, that’s like blaming the small (relatively speaking) bit of iceberg that remained above the surface for sinking the Titanic.

Reason being, some executive(s) okayed Snyder’s approach, which is the real issue.

I bring it up because there’s talk of a Joker origin movie that seems to exist outside the DCEU (essentially an Elseworlds-type of story).  And this is a problem because–while Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies were popular, they existed outside the DCEU, which means that everything that this new movie establishes will likely not be a part of the current universe as well.

And there are so many different DCEU’s as it is.  There’s the version that exists in movies, which has finally begun to gain traction with Wonder Woman.  Then there’s the DCEU as it exists on television, which shares characters like the Flash and Superman.

Now there’s what I call the Elseworlds DCEU, that takes characters people are aware of, and places them outside the universe proper.

This is where the Nolan Batman movies reside

If you’re a comic reader, the latter scenario I mentioned is hardly an unusual one (Marvel Comics had their own take on stories based in an alternative Marvel Universe called What if… ) but moviegoers might find it a bit confusing.

Though what’s worse is that the DCEU has failed to establish their mainstream characters with anything resembling consistency, so now they’re creating alternative takes, seemingly independent of the greater DCEU!?

Such a move may be profitable in the short term, but it does not bode well for the DCEU as a whole.

Now This Is How You Announce A Production Schedule (Not At A Lame Shareholder’s Meeting)!

Marvel Studios has just released their production slate up to the year 2020, and it goes without saying that unlike their Distinguished Competition they did so not at a shareholder’s meeting, but at a press event dedicated for that purpose.

Marvel, led my mastermind Kevin Feige, have announced a lot that will have fans of Marvel Studios salivating, such as movies based upon The Black Panther, The Inhumans and Thor: Ragnarok and many more!

The Black Panther


The Inhumans


Thor: Ragnarok

Though that’s not all!  Check out all the latest news at  And while you’re there, check out as I reveal my Marvel love for all the world to see in their Comments section!


Steven DeKnight On ‘Daredevil’

I found this interview with Steven DeKnight, the showrunner for Netfilix’s upcoming series based on Marvel’s Daredevil, on Superherohype.  He actually give very little away, but does say that the series takes place in the 1970’s and that Vincent D’Onofrio is a really scary Kingpin.

He also mentions that things are going really well, though I suspect that he could be making the next Heaven’s Gate, and he would probably say the same thing.

My Copy Of ‘Sullivan’s Sluggers’ Has Arrived!

Sullivan's Sluggers 4294

My copy of Mark Andrew Smith’s “Sullivan’s Sluggers” arrived today, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s hard-bound, and included a poster, along with a protective slipcover and my picture does not do it justice.

It also feels well put together, and substantial.

If you haven’t taken a look at Kickstarter, either in a long time, or ever, then stop over and take a look around because I suspect that whatever it is that you like, that you’ll find a project that can use your support.

Sullivan's Sluggers 4296

The Walking Stupid

Like most people, it disturbs me to read about some of the terrible things that we do to each other, though what grows old fast is the way that we always seem to find something to blame our problems on–as opposed to ourselves, that is.  For instance, things like video games, movies, music and television have all been linked to violence at one time or another.

I mean, there are some terrible television shows and films out there, but they don’t tend to compel me to go off and hurt someone or another (and I have seen “Alone In The Dark.”).

That being said, the recent case of Jared Gruman shooting his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, over an episode of ANC’s “The Walking Dead” is almost as stupid as another justification that the article sites, which was an argument over the possibility of a zombie attack.

I mean, I enjoy AMC’s “The Walking Dead” myself, but at no time shooting someone who didn’t was ever an option.  Gurman must have had a much more significant reason for shooting Jessica Gelderman than that (or at least I like to thing so).

The news story makes him seem particularly unstable.  Was that a new trend?  Has anyone asked?  Has he acted in a strangely unstable fashion before?

If you’re like me, this story is more interesting for what it doesn’t say, than what it does.

Lionsgate On The Right Path?

Remember when I wrote that Gary Ross was not coming back for “Catching Fire,” the sequel to “The Hunger Games, which he directed?”

Well, that may or may not be true, as sources from Deadline illustrate.  That being said, you’ll notice that they say that Ross did not “withdraw” from the franchise.

Now, keep in mind if Lionsgate does not want him back, it doesn’t matter if he has withdrawn or not, he will not be coming back.