Is Valiant Still Aligned with Sony?

With the preeminence of Marvel Studios and to a lesser extent, DC Films, people can perhaps be forgiven for forgetting that Marvel and DC aren’t the only players in town. There’s Dark Horse (Time Cop) who’s rebooting Hellboy but there’s also Valiant Comics, which have been seemingly preparing to make a movie to feature films […]

Steven DeKnight On ‘Daredevil’

I found this interview with Steven DeKnight, the showrunner for Netfilix’s upcoming series based on Marvel’s Daredevil, on Superherohype.  He actually give very little away, but does say that the series takes place in the 1970’s and that Vincent D’Onofrio is a really scary Kingpin. He also mentions that things are going really well, though I suspect […]

My Copy Of ‘Sullivan’s Sluggers’ Has Arrived!

My copy of Mark Andrew Smith’s “Sullivan’s Sluggers” arrived today, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s hard-bound, and included a poster, along with a protective slipcover and my picture does not do it justice. It also feels well put together, and substantial. If you haven’t taken a look at Kickstarter, either in a long time, or ever, […]

The Walking Stupid

Like most people, it disturbs me to read about some of the terrible things that we do to each other, though what grows old fast is the way that we always seem to find something to blame our problems on–as opposed to ourselves, that is.  For instance, things like video games, movies, music and television […]

Lionsgate On The Right Path?

Remember when I wrote that Gary Ross was not coming back for “Catching Fire,” the sequel to “The Hunger Games, which he directed?” Well, that may or may not be true, as sources from Deadline illustrate.  That being said, you’ll notice that they say that Ross did not “withdraw” from the franchise. Now, keep in […]

Warner Bros Conjures Up ‘Mandrake The Magician’

When I was growing up, I was a big listener of radio shows, like “The CBS Radio Mystery Theater” (hosted first by E.G. Marshall, followed by Tammy Grimes), “The Mysterious Traveler,” “The Green Hornet,” “Inner Sanctum,” and “Chondu, The Magician.” A show that I didn’t listen to much was “Mandrake The Magician,” though it appears […]

Which Came First? The Blog Or The News?

If anyone doesn’t remember my Seattle’s Real-Life Superheroes post from earlier this month, it revolved around self-styled superheroes, like Phoenix Jones and Red Dragon, doing what they could to keep their city safe. Once I write a piece, I tend to move on to the next thing of interest. That is, till I happened to […]