Link To ‘RoboCop’ Trailer

I would post the latest trailer for José Padilha’s “RoboCop,” reboot, but it’s in Yahooese, which means that WordPress doesn’t play well with it.  I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available via Youtube. The trailer itself is OK, and looks different enough from the original that at least it appears that they’re only […]

The Weekend In Movies – 12/14/2012

Let’s see…for fans of genre there isn’t all that much to pick from. Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit,” came out today, but it’s getting somewhat mediocre reviews. That being said, I am most curious about the version that’s filmed at the faster frame rate of 48fps (frames per second), despite reading that it has caused some […]

‘Rise Of The Guardians’ Trailer

I like this trailer because Guillermo Del Toro is credited as an executive producer, and as far as I know he isn’t one of those ‘executive producer in name only‘ types. Besides, anything with his name on it instantly gets bonus points, redeemable toward thought-provoking, kick-arse cinema (in my humble opinion). We’re introduced to Santa […]