Jon Bernthal Leaving ‘The Walking Dead?’

There’s a rumor that Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane Walsh on AMC’s zombie series, is leaving the show soon.  Not unusual on the face of it, people leave television shows all the time, even successful ones.

But when the show he’s supposedly to be going to, L.A. Noir, is being developed by…wait for it….Frank Darabont, things get a bit more interesting.

Karma’s a bitch.

The Walking Dead, Episode One, Season Two

Nothing in the way of spoilers, so read with confidence

I have been watching the second season of “The Walking Dead,” and beside certain odd beats (Why was the smell of the dead on the highway a non-issue, while a rotting corpse in a tent makes everyone gag?  These are some of the same people who covered themselves–literally–in the entrails of the dead in the episode, “Guts,” so you’d think that they would be somewhat accustomed to the way corpses smell by now.  Then there’s the convenience of finding an assortment of bladed weapons just when it’s the most efficient way to kill a zombie come to mind.  I understand that television is full of “coincidences” like that which I just mentioned, but the best television makes those coincidences seem natural.  I am by no means saying that “The Walking Dead” isn’t good television, though if it wants to touch greatness, it needs to watch the deux ex mahina.) I like what I see.

That being said, I noticed that there’s an executive producer credit for Frank Darabont during the opening, when it’s common knowledge that he was fired as showrunner.

I understand that he and his title are (probably) contractually obligated to be there, but it still smarts.

I also saw that Ernest Dickerson worked on the season opener with Gwyneth Horter-Payton (I assume to clean up whatever problems existed, which gave AMC a reason–which I suspect that they were looking for all along–to release Darabont) as well as directing “Bloodletting,” the second episode in its entirety.

‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s “The Adventures of Tintin.”

All the spectacle looks really interesting–especially the parts were the two ships are dueling.

That being said, and based only on the images that I have seen thus far, the characters still haven’t shaken that rubbery look CGI motion capture is infamous for.

I am just wondering why they didn’t just use real actors, minus the motion capture, because I haven’t seen too many photo-real CGI characters that don’t have that walking dead look in their eyes.

And speaking of “The Walking Dead,” (cool segue, Yes?), the first episode of the second season premiered, and it was pretty good–though I thought that some of the dead, when they were shot or killed by various weapons, looked a bit fake.

I understand that it is fake, but it makes me wonder are we seeing the effect of the budget cuts the series have undergone.

If this was the episode that Frank Darabont was fired over, I am confused because it was relatively strong.

Season Two ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming second season of the Frank Darabont-less “The Walking Dead.”  While I can’t get around, over, or under that it seems that he was treated very shabbily by AMC, there’s some comfort in, according to Aint It Cool News, that the first episode of the new season is the believed by them to be the best yet.

That’s great news, because I really want to continue watching the show, and if there was a visible decline in quality that could (in my mind) be traced to either Darabont’s firing or the reduced per-episode budget, then the dead wouldn’t be the only ones that would be walking.

It’s Official: Frank Darabont Was Fired From ‘The Walking Dead!’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Darabont was fired from AMC’s highest rated series (which sounds like shooting oneself in the foot, if you ask me).  The reasoning appears to be that he resisted a cut in the series budget, though one has to ask why, and it bears repeating,  you fire the man behind the most successful show on your network.

Some theorize that shows like “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” had to have their budgets cut because AMC, in negotiations with the creator of “Mad Men,” Matt Weiner, had to pay, and pay big, to keep him with the show.

But sacrifice the shepherd of your most successful show for one that, while successful critically, wasn’t necessarily so ratings-wise?

Frank Darabont Stepping Down From ‘The Walking Dead?’

AMC‘s (American Movie Classics) zombie apocalypse series, “The Walking Dead” seemingly was working on all cylinders: It had a great cast,  a passionate advocate in Frank Darabont (who also directed the premiere episode, and wrote others), and excellent gore effects by Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero, of KNB EFX Studio.

Though most importantly, the series has the support and backing of AMC, despite having subject matter that’s not quite traditional.

Yet according to Deadline, Mr. Darabont is stepping down as show runner, and potentially leaving the show entirely.

Something’s a bit off about this story, seeing that the series is a favorite of critics, and had just been renewed for a second season.  Success isn’t generally rewarded with a firing–which I am not saying happened–but something is going on here a bit beyond the obvious.

It goes without saying that I will keep an eye out for any more info because he was very influential in the direction of the first season, and seeing that that was successful, why change a winning formula?

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