Jon Bernthal Leaving ‘The Walking Dead?’

There’s a rumor that Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane Walsh on AMC’s zombie series, is leaving the show soon.  Not unusual on the face of it, people leave television shows all the time, even successful ones. But when the show he’s supposedly to be going to, L.A. Noir, is being developed by…wait for it….Frank Darabont, […]

The Walking Dead, Episode One, Season Two

Nothing in the way of spoilers, so read with confidence I have been watching the second season of “The Walking Dead,” and beside certain odd beats (Why was the smell of the dead on the highway a non-issue, while a rotting corpse in a tent makes everyone gag?  These are some of the same people […]

‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s “The Adventures of Tintin.” All the spectacle looks really interesting–especially the parts were the two ships are dueling. That being said, and based only on the images that I have seen thus far, the characters still haven’t shaken that rubbery look CGI motion capture is […]

Season Two ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming second season of the Frank Darabont-less “The Walking Dead.”  While I can’t get around, over, or under that it seems that he was treated very shabbily by AMC, there’s some comfort in, according to Aint It Cool News, that the first episode of the new season is the believed by them […]

Frank Darabont Stepping Down From ‘The Walking Dead?’

AMC‘s (American Movie Classics) zombie apocalypse series, “The Walking Dead” seemingly was working on all cylinders: It had a great cast,  a passionate advocate in Frank Darabont (who also directed the premiere episode, and wrote others), and excellent gore effects by Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero, of KNB EFX Studio. Though most importantly, the series has […]