The Walking Dead, Episode One, Season Two

Nothing in the way of spoilers, so read with confidence

I have been watching the second season of “The Walking Dead,” and beside certain odd beats (Why was the smell of the dead on the highway a non-issue, while a rotting corpse in a tent makes everyone gag?  These are some of the same people who covered themselves–literally–in the entrails of the dead in the episode, “Guts,” so you’d think that they would be somewhat accustomed to the way corpses smell by now.  Then there’s the convenience of finding an assortment of bladed weapons just when it’s the most efficient way to kill a zombie come to mind.  I understand that television is full of “coincidences” like that which I just mentioned, but the best television makes those coincidences seem natural.  I am by no means saying that “The Walking Dead” isn’t good television, though if it wants to touch greatness, it needs to watch the deux ex mahina.) I like what I see.

That being said, I noticed that there’s an executive producer credit for Frank Darabont during the opening, when it’s common knowledge that he was fired as showrunner.

I understand that he and his title are (probably) contractually obligated to be there, but it still smarts.

I also saw that Ernest Dickerson worked on the season opener with Gwyneth Horter-Payton (I assume to clean up whatever problems existed, which gave AMC a reason–which I suspect that they were looking for all along–to release Darabont) as well as directing “Bloodletting,” the second episode in its entirety.


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