‘Pacific Rim’ Review

“Guillermo Del Toro approaches giant robots and monsters with a genuine love for the subject matter, and it shows on the screen.” I saw Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” yesterday evening, and enjoyed myself immensely.  He seems to understand that, if it’s just about the robots, you might as well make a ‘Transformers’ sequel and […]

New ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer

I assume that this footage for Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” is from the last Comic-con.  It shows the most detail of the robots yet, as well as a bit of character development. And I can’t see why Michael Bay would ever be worried by ‘Rim,’ after all, if the trailers are to be believed, […]

Escape From New York: Whiny Bastard Edition

Welcome to the first ‘Whiny Bastard Edition’ of Screenphiles, where I do a little venting about film makers doing things that they probably shouldn’t. I was at work when I heard of the latest plan to remake John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York”–which was (essentially) already remade–in space–by James Mathers and Stephen St. Leger’s in […]

Transformers 4 (Or Mediocrity Is Its Own Reward)

Michael Bay is rebooting the Transformers franchise, with Mark Wahlberg replacing Shia LaBeouf, though I am not entirely sure the casting change will make a whit of difference. That’s a pity because, if another director were to take the helm, it’s quite possible that we would get something new and engaging this time around. And […]

Vampires Don’t Sparkle

I was talking to a cashier at my local Trader Joe’s while he rang up my order.  Our conversation eventually moved on to movies, so I asked him if he had seen “Skyfall”–if you haven’t, see it.  It’s that good–He said he had, and had liked it. He then mentioned that he was really excited […]

The New Cybermen

I am not a huge Doctor Who fan, though on occasion I did watch some of the Tom Baker episodes.  I hindsight I probably wasn’t more into the good Doctor because, like most British series of the time, the quality of the special effects and sets were usually bad (they did the best with what […]