‘Iron Man 3’ Soars!

iron-man-3-international-poster-405x600It’s anticipated that “Iron Man 3” will premiere in this country somewhere in the ballpark of $160 million dollars.
Now, that’s pretty awesome, though war’s even more awesome is that it has already premiered overseas, where it has grossed over $195 million dollars.
Box Office Mojo doesn’t list its production budget, but if it comes in over $200 million I’d be shocked (mainly because Iron Man 3’s director, Shane Black is known primarily as a writer, and only directed “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” prior to this film).
So, let’s take that as a baseline figure for the moment.  It has – essentially – made its production costs back already.
And it hasn’t been released domestically yet.
By the way, I believe that Pepper Potts (Gweneth Paltrow) in this film for the first time dons an armored suit.  I mention it because I bet money there’s an ‘Iron Maiden’ reference made at some point.

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