Transformers 4 (Or Mediocrity Is Its Own Reward)

Michael Bay is rebooting the Transformers franchise, with Mark Wahlberg replacing Shia LaBeouf, though I am not entirely sure the casting change will make a whit of difference. That’s a pity because, if another director were to take the helm, it’s quite possible that we would get something new and engaging this time around. And […]

Vampires Don’t Sparkle

I was talking to a cashier at my local Trader Joe’s while he rang up my order.  Our conversation eventually moved on to movies, so I asked him if he had seen “Skyfall”–if you haven’t, see it.  It’s that good–He said he had, and had liked it. He then mentioned that he was really excited […]

The New Cybermen

I am not a huge Doctor Who fan, though on occasion I did watch some of the Tom Baker episodes.  I hindsight I probably wasn’t more into the good Doctor because, like most British series of the time, the quality of the special effects and sets were usually bad (they did the best with what […]

My Two Cents: Why So Serious?

I wish that people, be they directors or anyone else, would just stop talking about how serious or realistic their comic book-based movies are.  It’s not only tiring, but it makes no sense at all.  For instance, over at Collider there’s an interview with Zach Snyder, the director of the upcoming “Man of Steel,” and […]

‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ Airing!

The original “Battlestar Galactica” was created by Glen Larson in 1979 and began life, essentially, as a knock-off of “Star Wars.” Despite that fact, the original series has always held a fond place in my heart because, while it started from somewhat humble origins, it began very quickly began to diverge from its source, becoming it’s own […]

Why Would Anyone Pay For Hulu Plus?

Why would anyone pay for Hulu Plus?  I don’t necessarily mean that in a disparaging way–because, while Netflix may have more films, they lag in the amount of television series available for viewing–but it’s less a question of content, than commercials. You see, if you were to get Hulu Plus–which is supposedly somehow better than […]

Jamie Foxx As Electro?

Now this is interesting news!  According to Collider, Jamie Foxx is rumored to be interested in the part of Electro in the sequel of “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  Now keep in mind that his skin color isn’t integral AT ALL to the character.  Despite this being the case, and if it’s confirmed, wait to see all […]