Why Would Anyone Pay For Hulu Plus?

Why would anyone pay for Hulu Plus?  I don’t necessarily mean that in a disparaging way–because, while Netflix may have more films, they lag in the amount of television series available for viewing–but it’s less a question of content, than commercials.

You see, if you were to get Hulu Plus–which is supposedly somehow better than regular Hulu–you’d still get commercials.  As I understand it, there are less of them, but a commercial is a commercial, which leads me to ask: When you subscribe to Hulu Plus, what are you paying for?  Admittedly  it’s cheap, only $7.99 a month, but what are you paying for, especially since you can watch Hulu for free, also with commercials (which I can understand because, in the case of Hulu, you aren’t paying for anything at all).

I suspect that it’s expensive enough for Hulu to acquire content that they need the commercials to make up the difference, but it’s a pretty awful way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and the primary reason why, when my Hulu Plus trial expired, I didn’t renew.

2 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Pay For Hulu Plus?

    1. And frankly I am just mystified by Hulu’s revenue growth. I mean, they’re getting revenue from the commercials–despite being “limited”–as well as money from those subscribers, so why not get rid of commercials for people that pay for the service?

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