Victor Frankenstein – Trailer

I don’t know about this.  Notice the title.  It’s not “Frankenstein,” but “Victor Frankenstein,” the point being that they seem to be moving away somewhat from Frankenstein’s Monster, to the man that assembled Frankenstein’s Monster. That’s an important difference, and one I am not sure I like.  Then again, I’ve always been more of a werewolf/Wolfman sort […]

I, Frankenstein – Review

“I, Frankenstein.  At Least It’s Not Van Helsing.” That’s pretty weak praise, then again I, Frankenstein isn’t the strongest of movies. No one through virtually the entire running time is at all certain if the Monster (Aaron Eckhart) has a soul–spoiler alert:  He does–though I wish the same could be said for the movie itself, because […]

‘I, Frankenstein’ Trailer

What the heck?  I haven’t read Mary Shelly’s original novel, but if this trailer is any indicator, Stuart Beattie’s “I’ Frankenstein” is going far afield of the source material (or perhaps using it as a starting point).  Aaron Eckhart is Frankenstein’s Monster, and all the flying beings (Angels?  Gargoyles?) look to be remnants from Scott […]