Live Action Cowboy Bebop!? WTF!?

There have been two live action versions of anime on Netflix thus far.  The first, Death Note, wasn’t terribly good. Then there was FullMetal Alchemist, which also wasn’t particularly memorable. Now there’s talk of an adaptation of 1998’s Cowboy Bebop, and while it’s not the best anime ever made–that honor goes to Samurai Champloo–it certainly […]

‘FullMetal Alchemist’

Lately I have been expanding my anime repertoire.  A few days ago I watched some episodes of “Samurai Champloo,” which has to be the best synthesis of anime/hip-hop attitude/Japanese history that I have yet seen, assuming that there is other anime in done a similar vein, which I doubt (though “Cowboy Bebop” came close in […]