We’ve finally–via Entertainment Weekly–got an officially-sanctioned image of Zachary Levi in his Shazam costume.

And while the costume itself looks fine–as much of the Internet noticed from not-so-officially sanctioned set photos–Levi doesn’t look so good in it.

The greatest problems is the (fake) muscularity of his chest and biceps and questions or proportionality. What we’ve ended up with is not at all proportional to Levi himself so it comes off as if he’s got some weird physical deformities (did I mention how wonky his thighs look compared to his ankles).

With actors like Chris Evans, Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck their suits seemed to better accent their actual builds, as opposed to just adding bulk.

It won’t by any means kill the movie, it’s not exactly the best of omens that something so relatively simple goes so blatantly wrong.

And to think, all they needed to do is hire Dwayne Johnson to play the character and is wouldn’t even be an issue.

Is Henry Cavil Strong Enough To Carry An Entire Franchise?

Henry Cavil seems like a very charismatic actor, but is he mighty enough to carry a franchise?  I am deliberately not including the Superman reboot, “Man of Steel” – you don’t carry films with Superman, Batman or Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. may be the exception), they carry you – but because Cavil is in discussions to replace Tom Cruise in a film version of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

Just about anyone could be Superman – though it helps if they’re white, because of past depictions of the character as well as the expectations of the fan base  – and that movie will rise of fall on the strength of Cavil convincing people that he’s worthy of wearing that famous red cape.

But millions won’t want to see it because of Cavil,  just as relatively few people probably went to see “Superman Returns” on the strength of Brandon Routh in the title role.

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