‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ Is On Netflix

I know that I have written on the reboot of the The Town That Dreaded Sundown before, but since the original has just turned up on Netflix, I though I’d throw something together.   If you’re into horror movies, it’s worth checking out because it’s a pretty good movie, though another reason is that if you intend […]

‘The Babadook’ Trailer

There are only so many horror tropes to draw on:  Killer aboard spaceship knocking people off; killer robot aboard spaceship knocking people off; killer robot mutant aboard spaceship knocking people off; alien aboard spaceship knocking people off; vengeful host of alien, which lives on in a now killer robot, knocking people off. Replace ‘spaceship’ with […]

‘Orphan’ Review

“There’s nothing wrong with Esther that a few well-placed bullets couldn’t cure.” There are some people that will tell you the secret of “Orphan,” which if you haven’t seen it is a shame because it deserves to be taken on its own terms. And though the naysayers in some instances have raised valid points, it […]

‘R.I.P.D’ Trailer

“R.I.P.D,” or ‘Rest In Peace Department’ stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, though why does it feel as if this film is sneaking in under the radar?  The trailer plays like “Men In Black,” except with – I assume – a much, much smaller budget and various varieties of the undead, instead of aliens. It’s […]

‘Mama’ Review

““Mama” is an auspicious debut from Andrés (Andy) Muschietti that gets much more right than wrong.”   Andy Muschietti’s “Mama” is a bit of a throwback to an era when horror films aimed not to disgust, but to scare and frighten.  It was a time when most of the violence was implied, yet somehow was more effective than […]

New ‘John Dies At The End’ Poster

Has any movie taunted fans as much as Don Coscarelli’s “John Dies At The End?”  For the past few year or two drips and drabs of information about this film has appeared on the Internet, yet it somehow never manages to reach theaters, or VOD, or iTunes, or any venue that might let someone view […]