Postmortem: The Fury (1978)

I am mystified why Brian DePalma’s The Fury (based on the novel by John Farris) hasn’t been remade because not only would the movie benefit from a more timely interpretation (in these days of government programs we often don’t completely understand, but fear a reboot could potentially find a very receptive audience) and a more […]

‘Captain America’ Review

Edited 7/25 917, 949, 950, 951 If you’re looking for a Captain America whose roots drink heavily of the 1940’s, you’re in the wrong movie.  If you’re looking for nostalgic entertainment of a time that’s in the vein of Indiana Jones, you’re found it. Karina Longworth, of The Village Voice, criticizes Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: […]

(Refusing) The Role of a Lifetime

Marvel Studios upcoming “Thor” and “Captain America” look to be huge hits, but there’s no way of knowing before the films are released into theaters.  No one wants to be known for an unsuccessful film, which can potentially follow them their entire careers (John Travolta, no matter what he does, cannot shake the sheer, unrelenting […]