REview: Voyagers (2021) | I Enjoyed ‘Voyagers’ Despite Being Really Irritated by It

I like to check iTunes Movie Of The Week section every once in awhile because you never know what’s going to turn up and for 99 cents you can’t beat the price (Besides, it’s where I discovered Chad Faust’s Girl (2020) which I really enjoyed). The movie on offer was Neil Burger’s (Limitless, Divergent, etc) […]

Is Apple 00Crazy!?

I just read in The Hollywood Reporter that Apple is reportedly vying for the rights to distribute James Bond (along with Amazon, Sony and Warner Bros) movies, which I am trying to get my head around. Now keep in mind such a move would likely give Apple exclusive access to Bond’s entire back catalog (as […]

Why Superhero Fatigue Is Nonsense (With Zombies!)

“Superhero fatigue” seems all the rage among some, but it’s a dubious concept at best, and easily disproven.  Reason being, if superhero fatigue were a thing, it would have been proceeded by ‘zombie fatigue.’ Look at the 2013’s World War Z, the Brad Pitt-starrer that was for awhile looking like the Fantastic Four of its time. […]

‘Storage 24’ Review

“If more attention were given to character development, “Storage 24” could have been a genre classic, instead of a mildly interesting diversion.” Horror is a house with many doors, all opening onto the stuff of nightmares.  Whatever your interest, be it torture porn, poltergeists, vampires, zombies, and just about everything in-between, you’ll find a place just […]

Apple Devours Hulu?

Edited 731 7/22 I don’t know about this rumor, but it’s too fascinating to let go.  According to Deadline, Apple is considering purchasing Hulu for $2 billion.  What’s most interesting is that the deal would include two years of exclusive programming from NBCUniversal (now owned by Comcast), Fox (NewsCorp) and Disney (who happens to have […]