‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Trailer

The character of Jack Ryan, created by Tom Clancy (who passed recently) has appeared prior to “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” and been played by two different actors in three instances, kind of like a domestic James Bond. The first time the character appeared in movies was 1990, in “The Hunt For Red October” and was played Alec Baldwin. […]

A ‘Horse’s Mouth’ Worth Looking Into

The old proverb says “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” though Cy Curnin’s latest solo release “The Horses’s Mouth” is well worth closer inspection. The album, produced by Curnin and Nick Jackson, is thematically more optimistic than 2012’s “Solar Minimum.” Though I don’t imply that “The Horse’s Mouth” is the first time that […]

Bond 23 Seemingly Not Fixxed

According to Aint It Cool News, the opening theme for the latest Bond adventure will probably not be done by The Fixx (who were robbed when the song”Fatal Shore” was not used for “Tomorrow Never Dies”) and will probably instead be done by Adele, who’s probably talented (I haven’t heard any of her music), but […]