A ‘Horse’s Mouth’ Worth Looking Into

The Horse’s MouthThe old proverb says “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” though Cy Curnin’s latest solo release “The Horses’s Mouth” is well worth closer inspection.

The album, produced by Curnin and Nick Jackson, is thematically more optimistic than 2012’s “Solar Minimum.”

Though I don’t imply that “The Horse’s Mouth” is the first time that I have praised Cy Curnin’s hypnotic vocals, since I have been a fan of his band, The Fixx, since I saw the video for “The Shuttered Room” in the 80’s.

Though this time Curnin is less nuanced about his feelings, trading metaphor for stating his feelings outright, and it’s an interesting change.

I tend to repeat “Karma Mama” (which at times feels similar to Nenah Cherry’s “Woman”), “The Good In You” (which has Jann Arden, of 1994’s “Living Under June” and 1997’s “Happy,” which was anything but, on backing vocals).

Though it’s not all goodness and light.  “Been There, Done That,” while not necessarily pessimistic, does hint at darker times, via the ennui implied by its repetitive spoken word refrain of “I’ve Been There, Done That.”

The Fixx’s song “Fatal Shore” was under consideration for the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and it seems that Curnin has a natural propensity for creating potential Bond themes, which “All Over” would be perfect for.

While different from his solo albums and work with The Fixx, “The Horses’s Mouth” is evocative of both, and well worth buying (Please do not steal this album.  This isn’t a release from a big conglomerate, but from Cy himself.)

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