Space 2099 Concept Designs

Here are a few concept pics, courtesy of io9, of the upcoming series Space 2099.  Being concept pics, they work only as an introduction to what the re-imagining of the series will be like, yet even a relatively limited capacity as that they offer a glimpse into what Jace Hall, the producer of the upcoming series, has in mind.

An enlarged image of a (modified?) eagle from the first picture.  The window looks a bit odd, as if it doesn’t actually fit the frame that it’s in, but I assume that that’s only a error in proportion more than anything else.

Notice the space-suited figure on the left.  The yellow arm of the suit matches the Rudi Gernreich-designed uniforms of the original show, which I think is a really nice touch.

The picture to the left has a ‘Saturn 3’ vibe that I really dig, though when it’s all said and done, they may not at all reflect what the finished product looks like, though I think that they are a great point for discussion to begin.

Speaking of discussions, this post from Space: offers a comparison between the original series, and the re-imagining.

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