‘Beautiful Friction’ Rubs In All The Right Places

The latest album from The Fixx, Beautiful Friction, is their first studio album in nine years, and it’s good to hear that they’re back in fine form, though with a caveat:  This is not your father’s Fixx because this is some of the most guitar-heavy music to ever come from the band.

The album was produced by Nick Jackson (IT), who produced “Solar Minimum” and the upcoming “The Horse’s Mouth” for Cy Curnin.  The most  interesting thing is that the album doesn’t sound anything like his, or the Fixx’s, for that matter, prior work; which probably has more than a little to do with it being one of the most immersive albums that the band has created.

Under the production of Rupert Hine, who did the majority of their releases, The Fixx were somewhat restrained, and just a tad pretentious–listen to the track “Phantom Living,” from the album “Phantoms” and tell me it’s not full of itself, which I don’t mean as an insult because The Fixx may not have been the biggest band out there, but the ideas and moods they tried to get across through their music put many more popular bands to shame.

“Beautiful Friction” is an album that sneaks up and surprises because, against all odds, The Fixx are not only back together, but they go to places that you might not have expected them to based upon their past output.

The new tracks that stand out are “Just Before Dawn, “Take A Risk,” though “Beautiful Friction” is worth mentioning just to hear Cy uses his falsetto to excellent effect, and “Shaman,” which is one of the more traditional tracks on the album, but serves as a good entry point for listeners new either to The Fixx or this album.

Here’s the video for  “Anyone Else.”


5 thoughts on “‘Beautiful Friction’ Rubs In All The Right Places

  1. Awesome. I love The Fixx. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Jackson’s input had a lot to do with the amazing production on this album. He is a great producer.

  2. Well I bought it and I can’t believe how great it is. I mean really great. Every song is awesome. Can’t stop playing it. Cool band.

    1. Yeah, it’s a great album. I also dig that it’s really challenging, in that it took me a few listens to get it. By the way, pay close attention to the lyrics to Shaman. Really remarkable stuff.

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