‘Dirty Laundry’ Featuring Marvel’s Punisher

Thomas Jane strikes me as a really neat guy, mainly because he seems to care about things.  This interests me because, for afar, it often seems that many actors do what they can to isolate themselves from their fans to such a degree that they appear as cyphers.

Not Jane.  He’s also not afraid to let his geek flag fly, if the choice of films he stars in is any indicator, as well as the clip below, illustrate.

It was presented at Comic-con, and it features the Punisher, whom Thomas Jane portrayed in the 2004 film.  The character was rebooted four years later in “Punisher: War Zone” though that time he was played by Ray Stevenson.

As I said, from what little I know about Jane, I think that I would like him if I met him, though I don’t think that the’s a great Punisher, as opposed to Ray Stevenson, or even Dolph Lundgren, who in a physical sense better fit the character.

Which is the biggest hurdle for me:  Thomas Jane lacks the physical presence to carry off the role.  When you watch “Dirty Laundry” he goes through the motions, and that’s exactly what it feels like.

The Punisher intimidates.  You fear the Punisher long before he lays a hand, or a knife, upon you.  He’s more like a force of nature than a person, and an actor is needed who can bring a fierceness, a dangerousness, to the fore.

Which, based upon what I have seen, it just isn’t Thomas Jane, despite the fact that he clearly loves the character (which is the only reason that I think that he would revisit him with no prompting; though if I were a bit more cynical, I would wonder if it had anything to do with the Punisher making the move to the small screen).

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