The Enterprising Mystery of LeVar Burton

I’ve written on this topic before, though I have yet to find an answer–satisfying or otherwise.

Potential Transformers 4 Titles

According to, the title of the upcoming Transformers film will be some variation of “Transformers: Last Stand,” “Transformers: Future Cast,” or “Transformers: Apocalpypse.”  They base their information upon domain registrations, which has proven accurate in reference to the last film, “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.” That being said, no matter how interesting the title […]

Another Irritating Thing About Hulu

I am really trying to like Hulu.  I even posted a complementary post a day or so ago, though just when I am feeling good about them, they go and do something irritating (which may be part of someone’s master plan).  And the funny thing, despite my griping, is that they must being doing something right, […]