Another Irritating Thing About Hulu

HuluI am really trying to like Hulu.  I even posted a complementary post a day or so ago, though just when I am feeling good about them, they go and do something irritating (which may be part of someone’s master plan).  And the funny thing, despite my griping, is that they must being doing something right, since they earned a profit of $695 million last year (thanks to the Fabulous & Money Savvy blog for the head’s up).

So what has offended my oh so delicate sensibilities?  I was looking for something to watch on Netflix, and struck out, since I had already seen much that interested me already, and wasn’t in the mood for a low-budget zombie flick.

So I moved on to Hulu.  I was looking for some horror, and decided upon “Barely Human.”  Sure, for a show that’s about a ghost, vampire and werewolf that decide to co-habitate (?) it’s awfully talky;  but did I mention that it’s a show about a ghost, vampire and a werewolf?

But there’s a caveat: Certain shows are only offered with a HuluPlus membership, “Being Human” being one.

What I am wondering is how they determine which shows are available on the regular Hulu, and which on HuluPlus?

Though, however they decide such things, it’s another irritating thing about Hulu.

And I am (relatively) easy to please.  Just get rid of ALL commercials on HuluPlus, and stop with the silly differentiators like this show is on Hulu, while this one is on HuluPlus, and I will subscribe.

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