‘Transcendence’ Trailer

I heard about the making of this movie awhile ago, though I only recently learned about the trailer.  Johnny Depp is playing some type of scientist (I think he’s working with artificial intelligence, though the trailer didn’t specify) whom ends up having his consciousness transferred into a computer.

This happens because of an assassination attempt by an anti-technology group, and his wife believes that it’s the only way that he can, in a sense, survive.

As I watched, the thought that kept occurring to me is that I have seen this movie before when it was called “12 Monkeys.”

Another interesting thing, apropos of nothing, is that Depp is too attractive to play a scientist.  That’s a weird thing to say, especially in reference to a man, yet it’s pretty common to say about a woman.

For instance, Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones, a nuclear physicist, in 1999’s James Bond adventure, “The World Is Not Enough” and Natalie Portman played some sort of scientist in “Thor” and its sequel and it felt like every other review I read made fun of that fact.


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