REview: Primal Rage (2018) | Flirts With Bigfoot Perfection (though Comes Up Short)

Good Bigfoot movies are hard to come by. Off the top of my head I can recall (“sorta” as far as the former is concerned) The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972), Willow Creek (2012) and Exists (2014).

Which isn’t to say that there’re aren’t more, just that they aren’t particularly good.

Prove me wrong.

They’re like werewolf films, where if you’re talking about full body transformations there’re relatively few movies out there worth considering.

And they are The Howling (1981), An American Werewolf in London (1981) and Dog Soldiers (2002).

And once again, I’m not saying that those are the only werewolf movies out there, only the three worth caring about.

Though as far as Sasquatch movies are concerned, there’s a fourth to add to that esteemed threesome.

And that’s Primal Rage.

It’s not great though that’s because the director, Patrick Magee, has made some really odd choices in my humble opinion that diminish it somewhat.

First, it comes off very Underworld-ish as a remarkably fierce creature for some reason feels the need to use weapons like arrows and tomahawks (though to be fair the movie does explain this; it’s just a terribly unsatisfying explanation).

Then there’s her.

Why does she look like she does? I don’t know. Is she somehow related to the Bigfoot?

Seemingly not. It’s almost like the director, Patrick Magee, since he works in special effects normally, just wanted to make her weird looking because…?

To be honest I have no idea why she looks as she does, but it really distracted me and threatened to take me out of the movie because couldn’t stop speculating why she looked as she does though what’s odd is that she’s not the main character, though he’s so distracting that it makes me wonder why she’s in the movie in the first place.

Which is why this movie bothers me. It’s watchable, even pretty awesome at times but if it just hewed closer to more traditional depictions of what Bigfoot tended to be – because I want to believe – I think this movie could have been a modern classic (and how is it that I’m hearing about this literally a few hours ago!?) though it takes a few chances with the sub-genre, that don’t work particularly well.

Sometimes it’s better to stick with a more traditional interpretation.

By the way, Happy New Year’s Eve!

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