The Strange Case Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Sandman’

The conclusions that I arrive at below, though logical, are pure speculation (unless they end up being accurate, in which case I knew it the entire time and am a prescient genius).

Recently we learned that not only would Paul Rudd be the lead in Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” but Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be producing (and perhaps directing) a version of DC’s Sandman (the character created by Neil Gaiman, not the equally awesome character with the gas mask and gas gun).

And I don’t believe a word of it.

What is it that I don’t believe?  It’s not that Rudd was cast as Ant-Man.  What I have difficulty with is learning that Gordon-Levitt is working on a version of Sandman.


The last film directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “Don Jon” was nothing like a movie version of DC’s Sandman would be like, in terms of subject matter and scale.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s beyond his capabilities, only that it’s very, very different.

And while he could be a huge Sandman fan, I haven’t heard anything about him that makes me believe that he’s any sort of comic geek (besides having a role in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”) which isn’t to say that he’s shied away from fanciful films, as “Inception,” and “Looper” illustrate.

Though it doesn’t mean that he’s working on it, either.

Then there are the coincidences.  Who’s (supposedly) working on ‘Sandman’ with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt?

David Goyer, who happens also to be working on “Superman Vs. Batman and lately seems to be doing quite a bit of work for DC (though he did write the ‘Blade’ trilogy, as well as a TV version of Nick Fury that starred David Hasselhoff).  Another is that both Rudd and Gordon-Levitt were in the running for “Ant-Man.”

I also get the feeling that we should be looking for Joseph Gordon-Leavitt not in a Sandman feature, but in the upcoming “Batman Vs. Superman.”

What was the whole point of such a play on the part of Goyer (and by extension, DC/Warner Bros.)?  I think it was to remove Gordon-Levitt from consideration for “Ant-Man.”

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