‘Don Jon’ Review

“A confident debut by Joseph Gordon-Levitt” Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon” is a remarkably assured debut though the film works as well as it does also because of the editing, which was done by Lauren Zuckerman.  It’s amazing how good editing makes a decent film better by controlling how scenes flow from one to the next. But […]

‘Don Jon’ Trailer 2

“Don Jon,” the directoral debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, turned up when I saw “Insidious, Chapter 2.”  It looks interesting, though what surprised me most was how buff Gordon-Levitt is looking, especially since at one point he was being considered for Batman (which eventually went to Ben Affleck). Though there’s always Doctor Strange…

Brian’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Review

“”The Dark Knight Rises” is an engaging film, but in the end it’s too grounded in the real to soar.” The devastating events in Aurora, Colorado have cast a pall over the launch of Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight Rises,” though if box office receipts are any indicator, the film is weathering the adverse publicity […]

Latest ‘Looper’ Trailer

Not quite sure how I feel about Rian Johnson’s “Looper.” Time travel in movies, like great power, must be used responsibly.  In most films that is often not the case, since they tend to bend or break rules they have already established as soon as the plot finds them inconvenient. That being said, I am […]