Thunderbirds Are Go! – Trailer

The official trailer for ITV’s The Thunderbirds Are Go! has dropped, and I like the way that they tried to integrate practical sets with CGI people and vehicles. (I also liked what appears to be a shoutout to Gerry Anderson’s Space: 1999, shown below). Unfortunately, despite efforts to make the CGI characters look like puppets […]

‘Seventh Son’ Trailer

I don’t mean to sound like a douche (which, if anyone says, pretty much means that they are going to do exactly that) but doesn’t Jeff Bridges lately seem a little less discriminating in terms of the projects he chooses?  He’s got “R.I.P.D” coming up, which looks like “Men In Black,” replacing some awesome practical […]

‘R.I.P.D’ Trailer

“R.I.P.D,” or ‘Rest In Peace Department’ stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, though why does it feel as if this film is sneaking in under the radar?  The trailer plays like “Men In Black,” except with – I assume – a much, much smaller budget and various varieties of the undead, instead of aliens. It’s […]