REview: Werewolves Within (2021) | Doesn’t Take Itself Seriously Enough

I really wanted to love Josh Rubin’s Werewolves Within – because ‘werewolves’ – and I just didn’t. Which isn’t to say that I hated it, but it leans hard into the humor, which I wouldn’t mind quite so much if it worked (even almost) as diligently at the horror. The movie revolves around a Ranger, […]

The MEG – Trailer #1

A trailer just dropped for The MEG, a movie about a megalodon going around doing what sharks do in movies, which is eating humans (despite the fact that we’re by no means a normal part of their diet). Though I have other problems with this trailer.  First off, the book this movie is based on […]

Late Phases – Review

“Late Phases Is An Interesting Diversion, Though Hardly The Best The Werewolf Genre has To Offer.” When all is said and done, what separates great werewolf movies from also-rans is the quality of the titular beast itself, which unfortunately isn’t Late Phases strongest point.  The aforementioned monsters here look less like wolves than large hairy gnomes, which is […]

‘The Howling Reborn’ Review

In all the annals of film history, I suspect that being a werewolf has never seemed quite so dull. It’s tough finding an entertaining horror film, especially since so many aren’t. A new crop of films recently appeared on Netlflix, but quantity isn’t the same thing as quality.  Take “The Howling Reborn,” for instance.  It’s an […]

Does Netflix Stream Films Complete And Uncut?

I asked a variation of this question before, in reference to Starz, and their airing of “Tron: Legacy.” Now it’s Netflix’s turn, which when I watch I expect to see a movie in its entirety, exactly as it was shown in theaters.  So, imagine my surprise when I was watching Joe Dante‘s “The Howling”–quite possibly one […]