REview: The Rental (2020) | A Great Looking Movie That Doesn’t Quite Know What It Wants To Be

Dave Franco’s – the brother of James – feature debut is an auspicious horror movie (Kinda, as far as the horror is concerned? I’ll go into that a bit deeper in a moment) called The Rental. What’s so impressive about his movie is how well it’s shot. It has a distinct visual sense as well […]

‘Odd Thomas’ Review

“Stephen Sommers’ “Odd Thomas” Is An Interesting Diversion And Unfortunately Little Else.” I haven’t read any of ‘Odd Thomas’ books by Stephen Koontz, but I did enjoy that last movie based on one of his novels, Joe Chappelle’s 1998 movie, “Phantoms.”  The director handling Koontz’s work this time around is Stephen Sommers, and that may be what makes […]