The Cell – Trailer

The Cell isn’t the first feature that John Cusack and Sam Jackson appeared in that’s based on a Steven King novel or short story. That honor would have to go to 1408, which came out in 2007; though unlike their last effort–which revolved around a haunted hotel room, which is more in the vein of The Shining–the […]

‘Drive Hard’ Trailer

Wen I first heard of this trailer, the first thing that came to mine was the Nick Cage vehicle, Drive Angry. Though this actually looks pretty interesting.  And sure, you can tell virtually the entire movie from the trailer (guy gets ends up driving for criminal, criminal robs mob (or some such organization), guy reluctantly […]

‘The Prince’ Trailer

From what I can tell from the trailer Brian A. Miller‘s The Prince has nothing at all to do with Machiavelli’s book, which is a pity because I think it would be particularly neat to see a bad guy who treated it as his moral compass. That being said, the ‘Prince’ is this particular instance is […]

‘Grand Piano’ Trailer

Eugenio Mira‘s “Grand Piano” plays like a version of “Speed,” but with an awesome twist.  Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood) is a pianist who had a fall from grace, and is playing his first concert in a long time.  The problem is that there’s a killer, played by John Cusack, also attending the show, and he […]