Bright – Teaser Trailer

Davis Ayer’s Bright is a fascinating movie for numerous reasons.  The first being that it was directed by Ayer himself, off the box office success of Suicide Squad.  Next is that it was written by Max Landis, son of John Landis and a in-demand writer. Though what’s most interesting is that it’s being financed to the […]

Late Phases – Review

“Late Phases Is An Interesting Diversion, Though Hardly The Best The Werewolf Genre has To Offer.” When all is said and done, what separates great werewolf movies from also-rans is the quality of the titular beast itself, which unfortunately isn’t Late Phases strongest point.  The aforementioned monsters here look less like wolves than large hairy gnomes, which is […]

‘The Heat’ Review

“Paul Feig’s “The Heat” is often amusing, though it doesn’t work as a buddy movie because Sandra Bullock’s character is so bland that Melissa McCarthy has to do all the heavy lifting.” Part of me was wondering if the reason I didn’t enjoy “The Heat” as nearly as much as I would have liked to – there […]

‘The Howling Reborn’ Review

In all the annals of film history, I suspect that being a werewolf has never seemed quite so dull. It’s tough finding an entertaining horror film, especially since so many aren’t. A new crop of films recently appeared on Netlflix, but quantity isn’t the same thing as quality.  Take “The Howling Reborn,” for instance.  It’s an […]