Postmortem: Robocop (2014)

I caught the reboot of Robocop in theaters, and recall at the time thinking that it was a bit weak, especially compared to the original film. That being said, having watched it again my first impression was confirmed, namely that it’s not as as engaging or as fun as the1987 Paul Verhoeven movie.  And speaking of Verhoeven’s film, […]

‘RoboCop’ Review

“RoboCop 2.0 is new, and not exactly improved, but it’s still worth the upgrade.” I have an iPad 2, and I really liked iOS 6, and was perfectly content with it.  Soon enough, Apple came out with iOS 7, and when I upgraded I didn’t like it.  It was all shiny and colorful, but different […]

Link To ‘RoboCop’ Trailer

I would post the latest trailer for José Padilha’s “RoboCop,” reboot, but it’s in Yahooese, which means that WordPress doesn’t play well with it.  I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available via Youtube. The trailer itself is OK, and looks different enough from the original that at least it appears that they’re only […]


The original “Robocop,” directed by Paul Verhoeven, was a science fiction film that was not only a satire of corporate culture and consumerism but was ideally representative of the 1980’s, a period of time when ‘Greed was good,’ and blatant excess was the order of the day. Coupled with Verhoeven’s own filmic excesses (Why shoot […]