Trailer Into REaction – Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) | Teaser Trailer

I haven’t seen Masters of the Universe: Revelation because it hasn’t yet been released though it’s got Kevin Smith written all over the teaser. Smith, the director of movies like Clerks (1994), Mallrats (1995), Chasing Amy (1997), Red State (2011), Tusk (2014), etc., is a child at heart, seemingly making him a perfect choice to […]

What Stan Lee Is ‘The Man’

I don’t think that Kevin Smith is nearly as good a director as he seems to think he is.  That being said, when the man has done something good–unlike Red State, which was tonally a bit off, especially at the end. Yet he almost redeems himself with this clip. It’s actually pretty funny, though a lot […]

‘Tusk’ Trailer

Tusk comes courtesy of Kevin Smith, a director that I find more interesting as a media personality than as a director.  The last film of his I saw, Red State, I recall being disappointed over because it advertised itself as one thing–a horror film–when it was actually quite another–essentially a thriller about religious zealots. His most […]