Blade of the Immortal – Red Band Trailer

Despite being a fan of horror cinema, I have only seen two features by Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer and Imprint, an episode of Masters Of Horror) which is only interesting because the man is remarkably prolific.

And while I have no intention of commiting seppuku (which I am reasonably sure a few people will do in the movie) I will have to catch up on my Miike.


‘The Hills Run Red’ Review

The Hills Run RedThe hints of potential–and they’re there–in “The Hills Run Red,” are too fleeting to invest the time to uncover.”

Some movies, such as Dario Argento‘s “Susperia,” scare me.  I feel this way despite having seen it too long ago to remember any detail (though I do recall a young woman crawling through a tunnel lined with barbed wire).

That’s the thing:  In my memories–which I know more often than not are false–it’s so horrific that I have no intention of watching it again, because if I do, I know that it will be nowhere as terrifying as recall it being.

Which would mean that it would be another thing I have carried from my childhood (it would be more accurate to say my young adulthood) that the time has come to discard.

And for some reason I am not ready to let go just yet.

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